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    Selena Gomez Recently Unfollowed Zayn Malik, Bella Hadid, And Gigi Hadid On Instagram — And Now There's More Info About It

    The social media drama continues — or maybe it doesn't.

    Once again, Selena Gomez's social media activity has set social media itself abuzz.

    Close-up of Selena smiling and wearing a satiny, one-shoulder outfit

    Brief recap: Over the weekend, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Selena had unfollowed several notable celebs on Instagram.

    Close-up of Selena wearing a belted coat

    Among those caught in the unfollowing: Zayn Malik...

    Close-up of Zayn wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses

    ...Bella Hadid...

    Close-up of Bella looking sideways

    ...and her sister Gigi Hadid.

    Close-up of Gigi on the red carpet

    So, what's the deal? People magazine has the scoop — or, at least, some information surrounding the unfollowings.

    Close-up of Selena smiling and wearing a strapless outfit

    "There are absolutely no hard feelings with anyone she unfollowed," a source close to Selena told the publication. OK, then!

    Close-up of Selena smiling in a minidress at a media event

    Of course, it is interesting, on a basic level, that Selena unfollowed these three celebrities specifically. As we all know, Zayn and Gigi used to be in a relationship together, and they share a child as well.

    Zayn and GIgi standing together

    And just a few months ago, a source close to Gigi spoke about rumors that Selena and Zayn were seen kissing while on a date together — but it didn't seem like Gigi really had an issue with the alleged fling.

    Close-up of Gigi in a loose cardigan and pants

    So who really knows what's going on! Perhaps we'll find out more soon...