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Sandra Bullock Revealed The One Movie She Regrets Making, And You Know What, I Get It

"Makes no sense."

Sandra Bullock's been in tons of movies. Her latest, The Lost City, comes out this Friday. Here's the trailer:

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Of course, no one has a perfect track record when it comes to, well, anything — and it turns out there's one movie Sandra regrets doing.

Sandra smiles while holding a mask

Specifically, the much-maligned Speed 2: Cruise Control from 1997, which replaced Keanu Reeves from the original film with Jason Patric and took place on a slow-moving cruise ship.

Sandra looks at a computer while wearing a life jacket with two men beside her

The film came up in a TooFab interview with her The Lost City costar Daniel Radcliffe, when the interviewer asked her if there are any movies she's done that were poorly received but she's since come around on.

Sandra and Daniel pose for a photo together

"I have one no one came around to and I’m still embarrassed I was in," she said. "It’s called Speed 2."

Sandra puts her hands on Jason Patric while wearing a life vest

"I’ve been very vocal about it. Makes no sense. Slow boat. Slowly going towards an island."

Sandra smiles with Jason's arm around her

Sandra went on to say she wished she "hadn't done" the movie at all — and she also revealed that Radcliffe is one of its few fans.

The cast of The Lost City pose at a step-and-repeat

“I feel like it had a kind of cult love as well," he said about the film — and Sandra shut him down pretty quickly.

“Very quiet," she joked about the level of cult appreciation Speed 2 has. "Like five people. Him and the other four 12-year-olds who were watching the slow boat going towards the tiny island."

Sandra holding a chainsaw in the movie

Sandra also recently said that she's planning on an indefinite break from acting — but if she comes back, don't expect her to do Speed 3. (Maybe that's a good thing.)

Check out the entire interview with Sandra and Daniel here.