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Rita Ora Wore A Chrome Prosthetic Spine At The Fashion Awards, And It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Good form, Rita Ora.

Rita Ora is known for her personal style.

she wears a skirt and blazer set in plaid with chunky platforms

As photographic evidence, I submit this picture of her wearing an unusual outfit while brandishing her Best Look "Personal Style" trophy from last year's MTV Europe Music Awards.

it's a skirt and top combo that look like rubber floaties

But her latest look at this year's Fashion Awards is one of Rita's boldest yet.

wearing sparkly boots and a see-through mesh cover up over a bikini

Take a look at what Rita wore on the red carpet. Black Primark dress, looks pretty normal, right?

the dress is long and has a high neck

Wait a that...

her looking over her shoulder with spikes peeking from her back

A prosthetic friggin' spine?

chrome spike fastened on her spine

It sure is — here's a closer look:

the spikes look like are in her skin down her back

Rita also shared photos and video of the prosthetic apparatus on Instagram, in which she gave a little look behind the look. “Now last year, I don’t know if you remember, we made some noise, because we did a prosthetic, really cool thing on my face,” Rita said in the clip, referencing this webbed-eyes look from last year's event.

closeup of her webbed eyes

She also revealed that the chrome spine took "two [or] three hours" to put on her. That's dedication right there.

closeup of her showing off her chrome spine

There you have it!