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    People Are Sharing The Ways You Can Spot Someone Who's Rich, And I'll Admit A Few Of These Are True

    "Wealthy people can afford to make themselves better-looking."

    Sometimes, it's really easy to tell when a person is rich. Other times? Not so much!

    A man smoking a cigar and holding a Croquet mallet

    Redditor u/nameuser254 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What shows you that a person is rich at first glance?" I'm still definitely not rich, that's for sure:

    1. "Wealthy people worry about time — the only resource and commodity that doesn't replenish."


    a person showing their watch

    2. "Tailored clothes, and no visible brand names."


    3. "My in-laws are very wealthy, and they wear normal people clothes. But, most definitely it’s the quality of their house they live in and what kind of cars they drive for the immediate notice."


    4. "They are rested and relaxed and speak of recreational activities."


    A man floating in the pool

    5. "A rich kid in grad school once saw me eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and asked if I needed to eat a lot of sugar for medical reasons. MFer couldn’t imagine eating PB&J…"


    a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    6. "Their wristwatch is worth more than your house."


    7. "Skin care and just health in general. Wealthy people can afford to make themselves better-looking."


    a woman touching her face

    8. "Everything they have is high-quality, but not flashy."


    9. "Back in my college days, we had a friend who came from a pretty wealthy family — but you couldn't tell, because he lived in the dorms like everyone else. Any time someone suggested we go to a restaurant or to a game or show, he never asked about how much it cost or said he'd have to check his bank account like other people would say. Then, one day, he casually mentioned his father was going to bring him back to campus in their helicopter."


    a helicopter in the sky

    10. "I read once that all their black clothes are the same shade of black. I thought that was interesting, considering all my black clothes are different shades of black."


    11. "The fleet of cars they own that gets replaced with a new fleet of cars every one or two years."


    A couple holding keys to a new car

    12. "They have buildings named after them."


    13. "If they own horses."


    a woman snuggling a horse

    14. "They don't know the price of basic items and services that everyone routinely has to pay for."


    15. "On men, brightly colored trousers."


    A male dancer in mid-air

    16. "By their smell."


    17. "Their jewelry."


    A man putting a necklace on his partner

    And finally...

    18. "The actual answer here is you simply can’t. I've met a few billionaires here in Hong Kong, and if I didn’t know beforehand who I was meeting, I'd just assume I saw some retired old dude at a park reading a newspaper. On the other hand, I know dudes where they are living from paycheck to paycheck and try to act rich by using all their income to buy branded everything — cars, clothes, watches."


    Agree? Disagree? Got your own? See you in the comments!

    These entries have been edited for length and clarity.