People Are Sharing "The Incident" That Happened At Their High School, And Some Of These Are Shocking

    "They were spewing in the hallways and running around the outside bench areas screaming and kicking chairs. They didn't show up to any of the classes, and that was kind of important for a send-off on the last day of classes."

    Everyone remembers that one big incident that happened at their school. Maybe everyone got in trouble — or maybe something really, really unbelievable just straight-up happened. Either way, it'll last in your memory forever.

    A teacher tied up with kids throwing things at her

    U/Antiquity-DragonKing recently asked the people of Reddit, "What was 'the incident' at your high school?" If you've got your own to add, you know where the comments section is:

    1. "My high school had a riot, and there was and still is a picture of my principal choking a student."


    2. "Someone sprayed butyric acid throughout the entire school. In high concentrations, it smells like pure vomit. The school reeked for weeks. Police were involved. No culprit was ever found."


    A spray can emitting a mist

    3. "My high school went on lockdown because my mother was going through a manic episode, thought I was the second coming of Jesus, and said she was going to save me. I honestly never lived it down."


    4. "My school decided to crack down on anyone who had ever connected to the TOR Network from the school Wi-Fi (including on personal devices). Over the course of a day or two, around 200 students were informed that they were banned from using all electronic devices (including those required for class work) while in school for a semester. I remember walking into a programming class and the teacher asking anyone who still had computer access to raise their hand. None did."


    Kids using laptops

    5. "My school has a kid nicknamed the 'Study hall stroker.' Self-explanatory."


    6. "One of our Japanese teachers got stabbed in the back by a South Korean exchange student. Apparently, he'd said some pretty insensitive things about North Korea vs. South Korea, and the next day, the student came to school with a knife. The teacher was ok. The kid was jailed for 18 months."


    7. "One of the best students from this one class was found to have stolen his teacher's smartphone and online banking details. He got caught when he did the first transaction. He apparently was into football and wanted to buy some specific football boots, but his parents wouldn't let him."


    8. "Someone brought their capybara to school, and it ended up becoming class president."


    A capybara

    9. "A group of kids threw a desk out a third-story window. The desk crashed onto a girl's head and broke her neck. Fortunately, she lived."


    10. "There was a 'poop-a-traitor' leaving smeared feces around the walls in the bathroom. I found one, and I’ll never forget; it was a picture of a flower and sun, drawn in poop. There were several incidents before the person was caught 'brown-handed,' along with several jokes about 'code browns.'"


    11. "For the senior prank, someone dumped a few hundred pounds of flour and yeast into the school indoor pool, in hopes of turning it into a giant glob of dough (I guess). It didn’t work and caused about $100,000 damage to plumbing, pumps, filters, etc. The prankster was never caught."


    Kids seemingly swimming in a pool

    12. "1982, rural Indiana. Someone went into the bathroom, lit a cigarette, and stuck the fuse from a quarterstick/m80 in the other end. They destroyed one toilet and a section of the wall. The state police bomb squad was called in with trained dogs, as well as the FBI. I was one of those questioned, as I was the typical stoner loser burnout kid. I know who did it. It was one of the 'pretty people,' as they were called back then. He even kinda confirmed it while drunk at our 30th anniversary reunion."



    13. "One of the science teachers thought having a class project around creating mini rockets would be a fun little activity. Unfortunately, he didn’t notify the school where or when they were going to test these. So, the school goes into lockdown because of the explosions. Him and his class got locked out of the school."


    A teacher showing a student a model rocket

    14. "The teacher who looked so much like a '70s pornstar turned out to have made porn in the '70s."


    15. "My high school in Australia had agricultural learning, so we had livestock at the far end of the oval and some facilities. In the '90s, someone broke into the school and slaughtered all of the animals (ALL of them), drew pentagrams and swastikas in blood all over the school, and left decapitated heads around. Pretty historical event for that school!"


    16. "One of the guys at our high school thought it would be funny to pretend he had died in a car accident on a specific date, so he didn't show up for class and had friends spread rumors right at the beginning of the day about it. People were grieving because he was a part of the popular group, and just well-known all around. So, he walks in near the middle of the day smiling and laughing, and people were shocked but amused. A year later, exactly to the day, he dies in a car wreck while he and three others were crossing the border between states to get drugs. The girl driving tried to swerve because of an armadillo. Out of the four people, he was the only one to die. People thought it was him trying to pull the same joke that year around, but no."


    17. "On the last day of classes, the seniors got sent off. It was a pretty big deal — the junior class lined up to hand out flowers and throw confetti as the seniors left the main school building in a procession. It's really special thing and a part of the larger graduation festivities. Well, around 30 people from my class of 120 decided to have an all-night party and get absolutely hammered. They showed up to school absolutely blathered. They were spewing in the hallways and running around the outside bench areas screaming and kicking chairs. They didn't show up to any of the classes, and that was kind of important for a send-off on the last day of classes. By 11 a.m., the administration had had enough. The dean ended up calling a school assembly where he cancelled the send-off and instead gave a speech about how disappointed he was in my entire graduating year. Everyone in my graduating year was kicked off the school grounds."


    18. "My high school had a lot of pine trees in the front grounds, with an adjacent area of open lawn and low shrubs that sloped down to the main road in front. The word spread like wildfire between classes one day that two senior students were engaging in coitus on the sloping grass area during class time, hidden from the school area but in full view of cars driving past. Some of these drivers called the school to complain, and three teachers were sent out to locate the two students and enforce decency, so to speak. I never heard later what happened to the two students involved."


    19. "The great thermometer incident of 2006. A group of sophomores broke open an old glass thermometer and played with the mercury inside. They did this in the cafeteria before first bell. Around 2nd period, an announcement told everyone who was in the cafeteria before first bell to report to the auditorium immediately. A third of the school shows up, myself included. They proceed to lock us in and inform us we have to wait to be cleared by a hazmat team. The hazmat team took their sweet fucking time getting there, and we didn't leave the school until 6–7 p.m. Those of us with jobs basically lost a day's pay. It's been 17 years, and I still wanna throat punch the three stooges who did that."


    A broken thermometer

    20. "There was a suitcase that was left unattended across the street from the school, just standing upright on the sidewalk. It had been there for hours, and the principal freaked out because she thought it was a bomb, so the bomb squad arrived followed by 20 million cop cars while the students went on lockdown. Turns out some dude genuinely just forgot his suitcase by accident, and all of that was for nothing. Memes were made about it and were being uploaded to the unofficial school Instagram DURING the lockdown."


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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.