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    Pete Davidson Thinks He's Been Typecast As An "Idiot" And He May Have A Point

    "'Hey, let's smoke a doobie! Aw yeah!'"

    Look, let's not pretend that we're fooling anyone. At this point, Pete Davidson has a reputation for playing a...specific type of character. IYKYK.

    Pete walking down the street wearing a denim jacket, T-shirt, and jeans and holding the hands of two children

    Whether it's Judd Apatow's dramedy The King of Staten Island or Machine Gun Kelly's recent stoner comedy Good Mourning, if you see Pete's name in the credits, you pretty much know what you're getting from him.

    Pete in a suit jacket and smiling

    And he's very much aware of this! He went into how he feels as if he's been typecast on a recent episode of Kevin Hart's Hart to Heart interview series.

    Pete in the rain with his eyes closed and mouth open

    Pete explained that he feels that he's "done a lot of shit" and he isn't just "a big fucking dummy" — but the roles he's recently been offered suggest that people think otherwise.

    Pete standing outside speaking into a microphone with the Manhattan skyline in the background

    "I’m at a place where I’ll do other shows," he explained, "and you come in and they have stuff written for you, and all the dialogue is like, ‘I’m a big fuckin’ idiot! Hey, let’s smoke a doobie! Aw yeah!’"

    Pete in a colorful hoodie and his hands on his hips

    He added, "Every joke is just like, ‘Well, you know me, I’m a big fuckin’ idiot!’”

    A shirtless Pete with many tattoos standing outside with his arms outstretched

    Pete also said that, even though "being self-deprecating" is "his thing," he'd like to branch out in terms of the roles he plays.

    Pete sitting in a car and looking scared

    “I’m trying to find the healthy balance between, ‘Ooh, that’s nice, he’s confident and not, like, ew,' you know, but still has some sort of humbleness," he explained.

    Pete smiling and wearing a shirt and tie

    "Because I think I’ll always be sort of humble and self-deprecating, but I don’t want people to think I’m a fucking idiot.”

    Pete in a jacket and shirt and standing outside a prison

    You can watch Pete's entire Hart to Heart interview on Peacock.