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    Olivia Rodrigo Got A Parking Ticket And Her Reaction Was Relatable And Too Funny

    At least she still has her driver's license.

    You know Olivia Rodrigo — and you're probably still blasting "drivers license" (that is, when you're not listening to "deja vu").

    Olivia Rodrigo at People Now in November 2019

    Rodrigo is 18, which means that she's had her own driver's license for a minute or two — and as she recently learned, driving a car has its ups and, well, downs.

    The singer recently posted a pic to her Instagram Story of her holding what looks like a parking ticket, adding, "Damn this driving shit isn't all fun and games."

    Olivia Rodrigo holding a parking ticket

    OK, so, let's recap: Olivia Rodrigo, who has a hit song called "drivers license," got a parking ticket.

    That's pretty funny.

    Like, what's her next song going to be called? "Parking Ticket"?

    Yeah, I know, try not to hurt yourself from laughing at my bad jokes. I'm gonna go listen to "drivers license" again now.