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    Olivia Rodrigo Got A Parking Ticket And Her Reaction Was Relatable And Too Funny

    At least she still has her driver's license.

    You know Olivia Rodrigo — and you're probably still blasting "drivers license" (that is, when you're not listening to "deja vu").

    Olivia Rodrigo at People Now in November 2019
    Jason Mendez / Getty Images

    Rodrigo is 18, which means that she's had her own driver's license for a minute or two — and as she recently learned, driving a car has its ups and, well, downs.

    The singer recently posted a pic to her Instagram Story of her holding what looks like a parking ticket, adding, "Damn this driving shit isn't all fun and games."

    Olivia Rodrigo holding a parking ticket
    @oliviarodrigo / Via Instagram

    OK, so, let's recap: Olivia Rodrigo, who has a hit song called "drivers license," got a parking ticket.

    That's pretty funny.

    Like, what's her next song going to be called? "Parking Ticket"?

    Yeah, I know, try not to hurt yourself from laughing at my bad jokes. I'm gonna go listen to "drivers license" again now.