Naomi Watts Is Married To Billy Crudup Now, And All Their Famous Friends Are Celebrating

    There were recent rumors that the couple had tied the knot, and now they are rumors no more.

    Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup are married!

    Closeup of Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts

    Naomi revealed the news on Instagram after a day or so of rumors that the legendary actors had gotten hitched.

    Closeup of Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts

    And that's the exact word Naomi used to accompany a picture of them in front of a courthouse. "Hitched! 🕊️🪢♥️," she wrote in the caption.

    Naomi kept the wedding content going on her IG Story, too. She shared a photo of herself and Billy with the caption "Hubby"...

    Closeup of Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts

    As well as a photo of her outside the courthouse holding flowers...

    Closeup of Naomi Watts

    Which, as it turns out, were from a deli!

    "Flowers from the deli!!"

    And it also looks like they celebrated with fellow thespians Mark Ruffalo and Josh Hamilton (who was also apparently celebrating a birthday!).

    Screenshot from Naomi Watts' Instagram stories, captioned "A little bit of fun with husband... @markruffalo @sunnyspop_retail and lovely lily"

    She even shouted out her hair and makeup team, who have been with her for 18 years?!? Damn.

    Closeup of Naomi Watts and her glam team

    Congrats to the happy couple!