Matt Damon Says He Does "Not Use Slurs Of Any Kind" In A New Statement After Saying He "Retired" The "F-Slur"

    "I understand why my statement led many to assume the worst."

    Yesterday, an interview was published in which Matt Damon claimed to have "retired" using a homophobic slur "months ago" after having a conversation with his daughter.

    Now, the actor's provided a new statement to Variety clarifying his remarks and claiming he's "never called anyone ‘f****t’ in my personal life."

    Matt Damon wears a blazer and t-shirt at a premiere

    In the statement, Damon described the interaction with his daughter that he'd discussed in the interview as "a discussion I had with my daughter where I attempted to contextualize for her the progress that has been made — though by no means completed — since I was growing up in Boston and, as a child, heard the word ‘f*g’ used on the street before I knew what it even referred to."

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    “I explained that that word was used constantly and casually and was even a line of dialogue in a movie of mine as recently as 2003; she in turn expressed incredulity that there could ever have been a time where that word was used unthinkingly."

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    "I do not use slurs of any kind," Damon said later in the statement, after describing the conversation with his daughter as "not a personal awakening."

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    "And given that open hostility against the LGBTQ+ community is still not uncommon, I understand why my statement led many to assume the worst. To be as clear as I can be, I stand with the LGBTQ+ community.”

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    In the original interview, Damon also alluded to how his own interview comments sometimes attract criticism: “Twenty years ago, the best way I can put it is that the journalist listened to the music more than the lyrics [of an interview]. Now your lyrics are getting parsed, to pull them out of context and get the best headline possible.”

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    “Everyone needs clicks. Before, it didn’t really matter what I said, because it didn’t make the news. But maybe this shift is a good thing. So I shut the fuck up more.”

    Damon poses for a photo while wearing a shirt

    Read Damon's entire statement here.