Madonna Just Got Her First Tattoo And I'm Honestly Surprised

    "Inked for The Very First Time."

    Excuse my mind for being just a little blown here, but...Madonna. Just. Got. Her. Very. First. Tattoo.

    That's right: 62-year-old musical icon Madonna — who has seemingly done literally everything there is to do in pop music and beyond — just got her first tattoo. I know!

    And Madonna documented the whole process on Instagram, from meeting the tattoo artist...

    To deciding where the tattoo should be placed...

    To going under the needle to get the ink work done...

    To finally admiring the finished product.

    So what's the tat? It's the letters "L," "R," "D," "M," "S," and "E" — the initials of her children Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stella, and Estere.

    That's why she hashtagged the post "#family" — because, after all, what's more important than family?