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    Kylie Jenner Explained Her 2022 Met Gala Look In A New Video, And She Doesn't "Care" What People Thought Of Her Look

    "It's very special."

    Kylie Jenner's 2022 Met Gala look was one of the night's most-discussed red carpet moments.

    Kylie poses for a photo at the Met Gala
    Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

    Kylie donned an Off-White wedding dress and snapback cap with flowers and a veil on it, the whole shebang by late fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

    Kylie poses for a photo on the red carpet
    Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

    In a new video posted to her YouTube channel, Kylie shared some BTS footage of getting ready for the big event, and she explained how she almost didn't attend it at all.

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    Kylie Jenner / Via

    “To be honest, I decided really last minute I wasn’t gonna go," Kylie explained, before revealing that the reason she changed her mind was to properly honor Virgil.

    A side view of Kylie posing for photos in her Met Gala outfit
    James Devaney / GC Images / Getty Images

    "I was like, ‘Unless I can go and honor Virgil [Abloh],' and [his wife] Shannon would want me to go, and I would wear Off-White, then that’s the only reason I would go today. To honor him.”

    Kylie poses for a photo with her hand at her side
    James Devaney / GC Images / Getty Images

    Kylie explained that the reasoning behind her look was to "do something big." " Every year I’ve worn some type of tight mermaid dress, so this year I wanted to just wear something big, do something different," she said.

    Kylie tilts her head down while posing for a photo
    Noam Galai / GC Images / Getty Images

    “I feel like I was supposed to go with Off-White because Virgil and I talked about this for the last two years," she also said. "I was supposed to go with him in 2020, so it feels right that my Met comeback I’m going with Off-White for sure."

    Kylie touches her face
    Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

    Kylie also explained that the look mattered so much to her personally that she didn't care what people would think of it.

    Kylie puts her hands on her hips
    Gotham / Getty Images

    “It also puts off the pressure of what people think about my look because I love it so much. It’s so much more special to me that I don’t care what people think. It’s very special.”

    Kylie stands on the red carpet while looking to her side
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Watch the entire video here.