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    Kourtney Kardashian Says That She And Travis Barker Call Each Other "Kravis" Because They Like The Nickname So Much

    We've been calling them "Kravis" for basically forever — and now we know they like it too.

    For ages, those who follow the goings-on of Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Travis Barker have referred to the couple by one nickname: "Kravis."

    But how do Kourtney and Travis themselves feel about being called "Kravis"?

    Well, Kourtney finally broke her silence on the nickname in an interview with E! News.

    "I love the name 'Kravis,'" Kourtney said, noting that the pair even call each other by it sometimes. Aww, that's cute.

    Of course, Travis Barker isn't the only Travis in the Kardashian-Jenner Extended Universe. There's also Travis Scott, who has two children with Kylie Jenner — so they could also be called "Kravis," if you so wished.

    But Kourtney wants to make one thing clear: There's only one "Kravis."

    "Travis said to me the other day, 'Is Kylie and Travis's name Kravis also?'" Kourtney recalled. "And I'm like, 'No...' but why wasn't it? 'Cause they were before us."

    Either way, at this point, Kourtney and Travis lay claim to the "Kravis" name — for now, at least.