Kourtney Kardashian Dropped A Screenshot Suggesting That Kim's "Not Kourtney" Group Chat Doesn't Actually Exist

    "These trolls keep DM’ing me accusing me of being on the other chat."

    OK, let's catch you up to speed with this whole feud between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.

    So, the latest season premiere of The Kardashians opened with a brutal fight between Kim and Kourtney. A lot of things were said.

    One of the many tense and — let's be honest — pretty mean words exchanged was when Kim told Kourtney that she was on a group chat called "Not Kourtney" where people complained about her.

    "All of your friends call us complaining,” Kim said to Kourtney. “Whether you think they're the ones going to you, they're all coming to us on the side, saying the opposite to us."

    kim arriving to an event

    "We're all confused, and we're on a group chat labeled 'Not Kourtney' so we know, and have to funnel what your friends are saying to us, and have to figure out why you're such a different person and why you have this vendetta."

    After the episode aired, an IG commenter asked Kourtney on a post about her baby shower if any of the members of the "Not Kourtney" chat were present at the shindig.

    are those friends on the not kourtney groupchat cause if so we don't need them there

    "No the members of that chat are namely Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie," she replied. "Case closed."

    kourtney's reply

    But that's not all! Kourtney also shared a screenshot of her own group chat in which her friends Allie Rizzo Sartiano and Simon Huck joked around about starting a "YASS Kourtney" group chat.

    the group chat with her friends

    Simon commented that, "These trolls keep DM'ing me accusing me of being on the other chat" and later said that "Kim threw us all under the bus when there was not one actual friend on the chat."

    closeup of simon in a suit at an event

    "I mean over a martini we will debrief," Allie also said, "but dang for a group chat that didn't exist I am fidgeting."

    closeup of allie

    So — does it exist? Is it just the rest of the KarJenner sisters? Who knows! Maybe we'll find out, but there'll be more drama ahead regardless.