KJ Apa Finally Responded To Speculation That He And Clara Berry Are Married

    "Yeah, I mean, maybe I am married."

    For months, a single question has lingered in the air: Is Riverdale actor KJ Apa married to model Clara Berry?

    KJ holds Clara's stomach

    A quick refresher: Back in October of last year, KJ shared a video of him adding Clara's breast milk to his coffee, accompanied by the caption "My wife is a milk machine and I love it."

    Now, here's the thing — KJ never said publicly that they were actually married. So what gives?

    E! News apparently confronted KJ head on to try and get the truth, and they got an answer — sort of.

    After saying that marriage was on his "radar," he gestured in the affirmative direction: "Yeah, I mean, maybe I am married."

    He then followed up the admission with, "That's no one's business but mine, baby."

    So to recap — it sounds like they are basically married, but also, KJ's not gonna confirm it, and anyway it's none of our business, so. That's that!

    Anyway, congrats to the lucky couple for, uh, being in love! Why not?