Kirsten Dunst Got Real About The Pay Disparity Between Her And Tobey Maguire For "Spider-Man"

    "I didn't even think about it."

    You know Kirsten Dunst from so many things — including Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, in which she played M.J. for all three movies.

    Kirsten Dunst lays next to Tobey Maguire on a spider web

    Some would argue that her performance is as memorable as Maguire's Spidey — but at the time of the first film, it sounds like she wasn't paid enough to reflect that.

    Dunst wears a coat and scarf while looking off-camera

    In an interview with The Independent, Dunst revealed that the pay disparity between her and Maguire was "very extreme."

    Dunst holds on to Spider-Man while hanging from a building

    “The pay disparity between me and Spider-Man was very extreme," she said, while noting that "I didn’t even think about it."

    Dunst leans over while looking off-camera

    But! She also noted that, when it came around to Spider-Man 2, her billing in the franchise was elevated to featuring her on the poster alongside the ol' web-slinger. "You know who was on the cover of the second Spider-Man poster? Spider-Man and ME.”

    The poster for Spider-Man 2

    This isn't the first time Dunst has mentioned getting paid less than her male costars in Spider-Man. In 2017, she broached the issue in an interview with Variety.

    Dunst looks over her shoulder and smiles

    "Because I was young, I thought, 'Oh wow, I'm getting paid a lot of money for the Spider-Man movies,'" she said. "But definitely the men were getting paid more."

    Dunst kisses Maguire as he hangs upside down as Spider-Man

    Read Dunst's entire interview with The Independent here.