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Kevin McHale Slammed The Upcoming "Glee" Docu-Series In A Series Of Scathing Tweets

That is, uh, quite a strong reaction from the former "Glee" star, after he already expressed slightly less strong sentiments last month.

Whatever is currently going on with the Glee docu-series that's in the works, one thing is for certain — Kevin McHale is definitely not into it.

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Quick recap for the uninitiated: Earlier this year, Discovery+ announced that a docu-series, The Price of Glee, was in the works — and that it would cover the series' behind-the-scene goings-on was in the works, with involvement from original cast and crew members.

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Last month, Kevin and former Glee costar Jenna Ushkowitz — who host the Glee-centric And That's What You Really Missed podcast — talked to BuzzFeed about the docu-series, and they seemed pretty ambivalent about the whole thing in general.

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Since then, it seems that Kevin feels way more strongly about The Price of Glee than he did when he spoke to us.

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In response to a tweet from TV writer Ashley Ray asserting that "cast and crew" are participating in the docu-series' development, Kevin replied, "Show me this 'cast' you speak of," before using the trashcan emoji to refer to the whole to-do.

Show me this “cast” you speak of. This is 🗑️ https://t.co/9IIHcbCJUT

@druidDUDE / Via Twitter: @druidDUDE

"This was the nice version, ftr," he followed up ("ftr" assumedly being shorthand for "for the record"). "Don't make me speak on this again." Y I K E S.

This was the nice version, ftr. Don’t make me speak on this again.

@druidDUDE / Via Twitter: @druidDUDE

Jenna also replied to Kevin with an emoji that I can only interpret as, "This whole situation is a mess," but I'm not her, so take from that what you will.

@JennaUshkowitz / Via Twitter: @JennaUshkowitz

So, yeah. Hmm. Hmm! We'll have to see what the deal is when the docu-series hits Discovery+ on January 16. And we'll also see if anyone else from the Glee-verse speaks up! (Not sure if Kevin will be, obviously.)

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