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Katy Perry Explained Why We've All Been Singing "Firework" Wrong This Entire Time, And My Mind Is Blown

What if...everything I know is wrong.

Katy Perry has something to tell you — and you'll want to sit down for this one.

Katy sits at a desk

So, you know "Firework," right? Huge song, I bet you've sung along to it thousands of times.

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Well, guess what? You've been singing it wrong this entire time.

Katy waves while getting out of a car

Katy revealed all on Instagram, accompanied by a clip from American Idol in which she corrects Luke Bryan for singing the chorus wrong.

“It’s not ‘up, up, up,’ and it’s not ‘ahh, ahh, ahh,’” she told him. So what is it?!?!

Katy poses for a photo in front of a installation of a tree, a moon, and some triangles

“It’s ‘awe, awe, awe,’ everybody. Get it right!” she continued as her and Luke playfully went back and forth.

Katy poses in front of an orange circle

"FOR THE OFFICIAL RECORD," she wrote in the IG caption, "it is AWE not is FIREWORK not FIREWORKSSS."

Katy walks down the street while holding her bag

Katy also shared an excerpt of a piece of writing that reveals "Firework" was inspired by novelist Jack Kerouac's classic 1951 novel On the Road — which, I'll be honest, was new to me!

The slide in the post of Perry's interview

Anyway, we can all now safely sing "Firework" knowing that we've got the lyrics right. Thank you, Katy!

Katy raises her arm up while holding a microphone