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    Jennifer Lawrence Got Real About Shooting Her "No Hard Feelings" Nude Scene

    “Even when I put my T-shirt over your head and motor-boated you? You felt safe?”

    If you're heading to the movies this weekend, there's a good chance you're gonna go catch Jennifer Lawrence's new comedy, No Hard Feelings.

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    The film includes a scene in which Jennifer is completely naked while acting with her costar Andrew Barth Feldman — and in a recent interview with Variety, Jennifer and Andrew revealed what shooting the scene was really like for the two of them.

    the 2 costars hugging at the premiere

    “Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?’” she recalled hearing from the people around her after deciding to shoot the film's scene.

    closeup of jennifer at the premiere

    “I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.”

    jennifer's character at a bar

    Jennifer also revealed that filming the scene required "a lot of rehearsal," and Andrew elaborated that it was all in a day's work. “We became so close instantly that nothing ever felt weird or unsafe. It was entirely professional," he explained.

    the two characters huddled under a blanket on the beach

    “Even when I put my T-shirt over your head and motor-boated you?" Jennifer replied. "You felt safe?”

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    “I felt it was an exclusively sterile and professional environment," he jokingly fired back.

    the 2 at the movie premiere

    Anyway, time to go laugh my ass off at the movies now.