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    Jason Sudeikis Revealed Why He Doesn't Go By His Birth Name Daniel And It Makes A Lot Of Sense

    Mind = blown.

    You know Jason Sudeikis — but did you know that "Jason" isn't even his real name?!?

    Jason Sudeikis smiles with his arms on his lap and a microphone clipped to his shirt
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    It's true, kind of. Jason Sudeikis' real birth name is — wait for it — Daniel Jason Sudeikis.

    Sudeikis holds two Emmys while wearing a tuxedo on the red carpet
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    So why have we been calling Daniel Jason all this time? Well, Da — sorry, Jason — explained why he goes by Jason now during a recent TODAY appearance.

    Sudeikis wears a shirt that says "Jadon and Marcus and Bukayo" at a red carpet event
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    Basically, Jason's dad's name is also Daniel — which, would get confusing around the house when Jason's mother would call out for Daniel and there would be, well, two Daniels present.

    Sudeikis wears a "My Body My Choice" shirt and AirPods while sitting on a sofa
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    "My mom decided to call me Jason so we knew which one she was yelling at," he explained.

    Sudeikis stands on stage next to an Emmy with his arms out
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    So there you have it. The man who we know as Jason? His real first name is Daniel. But! Ever since his mother started him calling him Jason, we've all basically been calling him Jason too.

    Sudeikis looks into a camera on Zoom while wearing a newsboy hat and sweatshirt
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    I think I get it now.

    Sudeikis smiles into the camera while wearing a tye-dye sweatshirt
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