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    Apparently We've All Been Pronouncing Justin Theroux's Name Wrong This Entire Time, And Damn

    At least we can get it right now.

    Quick, say Justin Theroux's name out loud. Right now.

    Justin Theroux at the Golden Globes in 2021

    Guess what? You definitely said it wrong — at least, according to Theroux's uncle.

    Here's the deal: Justin Theroux's uncle is Paul Theroux, an author whose book The Mosquito Coast has been turned into an upcoming Apple TV+ show starring Justin.

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    In a promo clip for the show, Paul referred to his "nephew" by his full name, pronouncing it "Tha-roo."

    "Sometimes [Justin] calls himself Justin 'Tha-row'," Paul continued while laughing and setting the record straight: "It's a French name, it's Theroux."

    So, just to be clear — not only have we been saying Justin Theroux's last name wrong, but so has Justin himself. Incredible.

    Remember: Friends don't let friends call Justin Theroux "Justin Tha-row." Pass it on.