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    Here's How Selena Gomez Broke Her Hand — It's Pretty Unexpected, TBH

    "I wish I had, like, a really cool story that I saved someone's life or something."

    So, Selena Gomez broke her hand last week.

    Closeup of Selena Gomez in front of a sign for her business Rare Beauty

    The singer revealed the recent injury in the comments section of a fan post about her new single "Single Soon."

    In response to the post imploring people to buy her new single, Selena replied, "Broke my hand and had surgery. I don't care about selling anything. I'm just happy to make music with my friends."

    Screenshot of Selena's Instagram comment

    Since then, she's shared a photo to her IG Story of her gray cast.

    Closeup of Selena Gomez sitting

    She's also revealed how, exactly, she broke her hand.

    Closeup of Selena Gomez

    During a recent appearance on The Ellen K Morning Show, Selena revealed that the break happened because of an accident that took place in her own home.

    "I wish I had, like, a really cool story that I saved someone's life or something," Selena admitted.

    Closeup of Selena Gomez

    "But I was in a long dress, a summer dress, and I was walking from my car to my house and tripped."

    Selena Gomez in a little black dress at a media event

    When Ellen pointed out that the injury could've been worse, Selena agreed while showing off her hand cast. "I guess there is a silver lining. But this is not fun — this is not fun."

    Closeup of Selena Gomez holding up her hand in the cast

    Here's hoping Selena heals up soon!