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    George Clooney Revealed The Lesson He Learned From Making "Batman & Robin"

    "I wouldn’t do it at all.”

    Batman & Robin: So bad it's good? So bad it's...bad? Either way, the 1997 film is endlessly memorable for all its silliness. Just watch this video of all the puns that Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) says in the movie. It's ridiculous.

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    Batman & Robin also marked George Clooney's one and only bow as Bruce Wayne — and more than 20 years later, it's obvious that he's still feeling some regrets.

    BATMAN & ROBIN, from left, Alicia Silverstone, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, 1997

    In an interview with the Guardian promoting George's new film, The Midnight Sky, the 59-year-old actor was asked if there's anything he'd do differently in his earlier career. Want to guess what he said?

    THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) George Clooney as Dr Augustine Lofthouse

    “Now, the obvious answer to your question would be to joke, 'Batman & Robin,'" George said before adding, "And I wouldn’t do it at all.”

    BATMAN & ROBIN, from left, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, 1997

    This isn't the first time that George has disavowed Batman & Robin. In 2002, he referred to the film as "a waste of money," and in 2005, he surmised that the film might have "killed" the Batman franchise entirely.

    BATMAN AND ROBIN, George Clooney, 1997

    This time around, however, George was more reflective about making the film and what he learned from the experience.

    BATMAN AND ROBIN, George Clooney, 1997

    “I learned that if you’re gonna be held responsible for a film, instead of just being an actor in that film, you’d better pick better films," he admitted.

    BATMAN AND ROBIN, Alicia Silverstone, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, 1997

    It seems that George learned that lesson well, since his post–Batman & Robin career has been filled with prestigious, award-winning roles. But don't get it twisted, George: We'll never forget about you rocking the Batsuit. Ever.

    BATMAN AND ROBIN, Chris O'Donnell, George Clooney, 1997