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    Ed Sheeran Says He "Almost Killed" Elton John On A Recent Video Shoot And It Sounds Like It Was A Close Call

    "Oh, mate. I almost killed him with a bell."

    Ed Sheeran and Elton John have a new Christmas song out. It's called — wait for it — "Merry Christmas." You can watch the video below.

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    During a recent interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Ed revealed that his legendary partner in song defied death — almost literally.

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    "Oh, mate. I almost killed him with a bell," Sheeran said of Elton. Uh, OK — you gotta tell us more.

    Ed Sheeran smiles on stage while strumming a guitar

    "I'm dressed up as sort of sexy Santa Claus, and I kick a present, but the present had a big metal bell on top of it," he explained.

    Sheeran and John pose for a photo together at an event

    "I showed him the footage of it today, because we slowed it down, and the bell flew past his head and would've cracked him in the head."

    Sheeran poses for a photo with John with earbuds hanging around his neck

    Yikes! Of course, Elton John was not killed during the making of the video — because, if he was, we'd be having a different conversation right now. But as Sheeran noted, it was a very close shave.

    Sheeran sings with a guitar in hand as John plays the piano

    "Oh my god, the horror that went through my body when it was flying through the air," he recalled. I bet!

    Sheeran and John give each other a high five onstage

    Watch the whole interview here.