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    Dolly Parton Perfectly Explained Why She Doesn't Take Down Her Christmas Decorations Until January

    "I am still celebrating."

    Listen: Taking down Christmas decorations is no fun. It's just a flat-out pain, and it can even be dangerous, too.

    But on a recent episode of Cody Alan's podcast Cody Cast, Dolly Parton revealed that she has a very specific reason why she doesn't take down her Christmas decorations until — wait for it — January.

    "I put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving," Parton said. "I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving until my birthday on the 19th of January."


    "I always make them leave my decorations up 'till after my birthday, 'cause I am still celebrating."

    Dolly Parton dressed as an angel for Christmas on the Square

    I mean, you might as well keep the party going. Why not?

    Dolly Parton sparkles in Christmas on the Square

    Parton also spilled the beans about what she and her family prepare for their Christmas dinner: "We do all the traditional stuff, like everybody else. The turkey and dressing."

    Dolly Parton in Christmas on the Square

    "Sometimes we just bake big fat chickens instead of turkeys, but we do all the hams and the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin and sweet potato pies."

    And Parton still makes chicken and dumplings, adhering to family tradition. "My family loves that," she said. "Mama used to make dumplings at Christmas, so I still do that, in addition to all the other stuff."

    Would you expect anything less from such a Christmas legend?