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    Dakota Johnson Had A Pretty Funny Reaction To An Earthquake Happening In The Middle Of An Interview


    The Madame Web press tour is fully upon us, and it's literally shaking the ground beneath our feet.

    So, you probably saw in the news that there was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in southern California earlier this week — and Los Angeles residents most certainly felt its presence.

    cars on the street with the hollywood sign in the distance

    Thankfully, no significant damage or injury was reported as a result of the quake — but it did have its own effect on an interview that Entertainment Tonight was conducting with Dakota ahead of Madame Web's release.


    Dakota Johnson reacts to the earthquake that interrupted her 'Madame Web' interview 😂 #dakotajohnson #madameweb

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    In the middle of answering a question, someone says off-camera, "Was that an earthquake?"

    closeup of dakota during the interview

    Dakota's expression when they confirm that it was an earthquake is...very relatable.

    her mouth is open in surprise but she's smiling

    "Did you just do that?" the person off-camera joked, alluding to Madame Web's presumptive superpowers. "Did I?" Dakota replied gamely.

    "Do you like that we all just sat here?" Dakota joked, before saying, "Fabulous."

    "Spooky!" she said, before resuming the interview like a pro — because, hey, it's just an earthquake.

    And the comments section couldn't believe how well she kept her cool:

    we should all aspire to a dakota during an earthquake level of calm
    i need to be this relaxed in life
    i swear dakota is the most nonchalant celebrity i know

    Someone also rightly pointed out that, to Californians, earthquakes really aren't that big of a deal most of the time:

    everyone saying that want to be as calm as dakota but like when you live in california you get used to them
    no this is exactly how i react to them though
    everyne thinking she's on medication but this is just livin in LA

    Bottom line, earthquakes are wild and doing an interview while one happens seems pretty wild, too. Good work, everyone.