Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Have Reportedly Been Engaged For Years, And We Didn't Even Know

    Her web really does connect them all.

    So, you probably know that Dakota Johnson and Coldplay singer Chris Martin have been dating for a while — since 2017, specifically.

    Or maybe you didn't! I wouldn't blame you if you forgot, since in the realm of celebrity couples, they're fairly private. They don't even do red carpet appearances together.

    Given all of this, it's not that much of a surprise that they've reportedly been engaged for years — even though, well, it also kind of is.

    People has the scoop, with a source telling the publication that Chris and Dakota "got engaged years ago but were in no rush to get married."

    People also points to a picture of Dakota wearing a green ring circa December 2020, which the source also confirmed was an engagement ring. So, basically, they've been engaged for more than three years now.

    Closeup of Dakota Johnson

    Here's a pic from January 2024 where she's not wearing the ring at all — so, it seems like she's sometimes wearing it, sometimes not.

    Closeup of Dakota Johnson waving

    The source also tells People that the couple have had "ups and downs" throughout the years, but it also sounds like the engagement is still on. Who knows, with these two.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Dakota and Chris's reps, so we'll let you know if there's anything else going on here.