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    Cardi B Posted New Pregnancy Photos After Announcing That She And Offset Are Expecting Another Child

    "Our home feels so blissful and very busy."

    ICYMI, Cardi B announced last night — during the 2021 BET Awards, no less — that she and partner Offset are expecting their second child.

    Cardi B puts her hands to her face while wearing a metal-studded dress

    Now Cardi's posted a few new pics on Instagram of herself with Offset, along with new statements opening up more on her pregnancy.

    "We listened to each other, communicated, prayed and then God blessed us and our family with another little blessing," she said in the caption for the first photo with Offset. "Our home feels so blissful and very busy 😩but we are ready and so happy!!"

    "I just know these two will love each other soo much and argue soo much since they're 3 years apart...just like me and Henny 😩," she posted alongside another pic of Kulture touching her baby bump. "But one thing for sure is they'll have each other’s back like no one else ever will 🙏🏽🙏🏽."

    Cardi first revealed details of the pregnancy last night with an Instagram post featuring her body coated in what appeared to be plaster or white paint...

    As well as a performance at the 2021 BET Awards in which she wore a belly-baring dress.

    Still not over this moment @iamcardib @Migos! 😍🥰#BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight

    @BET / Via Twitter: @BET

    Congrats to Cardi and her growing family!