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    Billie Eilish Explained Why Her Relationship With Body Image Is A "Truly Terrible, Horrible Thing"

    "My ugly friend!"

    Billie Eilish is getting honest about body image.

    In a new interview with the Sunday Times, the pop icon talked about how she feels about herself, as well as how the outside world makes her feel about herself.

    In the interview, Billie explained that her relationship with her body "has been a truly horrible, terrible thing" since she was 11 years old.

    “I love that my body is mine and that it’s with me everywhere I go," she also said, before describing her body as "my ugly friend."

    Billie also said that her current relationship with her body is "nowhere good," and she talked about how the media's coverage of her career has affected it.

    “No matter what you do, it’s wrong and right,” she said. “Wearing baggy clothes, nobody is attracted to me, I feel incredibly unlovable and unsexy and not beautiful, and people shame you for not being feminine enough."

    "Then you wear something more revealing and they’re like, 'You’re such a fat cow whore.' I’m a slut and I’m a sellout and I’m just like every other celebrity selling their bodies, and whoa! What the fuck do you want?"

    Billie also noted that "It's a crazy world for women and women in the public eye," and that the way she's treated has led to her not feeling "desired."

    "I do have this worry that I felt so undesirable that I may have occasionally tried too hard to be desirable," she said. "It makes me sad to think about."

    Read the entire interview here.