Did You Know You Can Have Sex Without Penetration? Yes, Here's 11 Ways

    Bring back dry humping 2020.

    1. Dry humping

    A female cartoon figure sitting on a male cartoon figure's lap.

    2. Titty fucking

    A drawing of a cartoon penis going up towards boobs saying, "Up, up, and away"

    3. Side-by-side masturbation

    Drawing of a couple masturbating next to each other under the bed covers

    4. 69

    A drawing of a couple in the sixty nine position giving the humbs up

    5. Watch porn together!

    A drawing of a couple sitting next to each other in bed with a laptop in front of them.

    6. Full-body kissing

    Drawing of a butt with kiss marks on it

    7. A hot, steamy bath

    Drawing of a couple in a bathtub and one person saying, "Is that your foot"

    8. A little virtual Zoom session

    Drawing of a woman having virtual sex saying, "can you hear me"

    9. Oral in the shower while you’re pretending you’re in the middle of a rain storm

    Drawing of a couple having oral sex in a shower that looks like a rain storm

    10. A good, old-fashioned hand job!

    A drawing of a hand holding a penis saying, "Nice handiwork"

    11. Naked cuddling

    Drawing of a naked couple spooning in bed