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    31 Thoughts I Had As A German Driving In Country Australia For The First Time

    It's mostly about kangaroos, really.

    1. Oh my God, I hope I’m not gonna hit a kangaroo.

    2. Okay, set the indicator to turn left here... um nope, those were the wipers.

    3. You guys make indicating at the exit of a roundabout way too complicated.

    4. To the left, to the left, everybody here has to drive on the left...

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    5. Oh, a wild parrot! And another one. And another one.

    6. Okay, turn right here and look over your shoulder... wait... no.

    7. Country roooooaaaads take me hooooome...

    8. So this is actually a road!?


    9. Oh please don’t let me hit a kangaroo.

    10. Oh my God, an emu! I’m so glad I’m in this car, these guys freak me out.

    11. Give way... to what?


    12. Urgh, are we there yet?

    13. I miss the autobahn. :'(

    14. Sheep, cattle, cattle, sheep, sheep, sheep, cattle, sheep... oh, horses!

    15. Uhm... there hasn’t been a speed limit sign in the last 30km?!

    16. Koala Cres? What a creative name for a street!

    17. "Dunedoo – Home of the swan" and "Blackheath – Rhododendron Town", that's just too cute.

    18. Railway crossings on the highways? Okay then, that looks really safe.

    19. Hi guys! Could you please run a little faster and get off the road? Thanks.


    20. Wow, I didn’t know Toronto was in Australia.

    21. Oh, another car! Hi there! Long time no see.

    22. And the wipers again. Urgh, why do you guys have the indicator on the other side?

    23. There's a sign saying kangaroos the next 22km... But I only see dead ones? :(


    24. “School bus route 22km” well, that’s one hell of a bus ride in the morning. When do these poor kids have to get up?

    25. No traffic lights? No problem.

    26. Is that a tree stump or a kangaroo?

    27. Am I ever going to see kangaroos that are still ali...... woaahhhh, phew, hey guys, that was a little too close! Don’t just jump out on the road in front of me please, jeez.


    28. Oh, okay, you can jump over fences. I would not have known that if I had not come here.

    29. Do kangaroos live in groups? And what do they eat? So many questions I have to Google when this endless ride is over!

    30. Okay, stop this obsession with kangaroos and concentrate!

    31. Oh my God, a huge group of them! I can die in peace now.


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