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11 Reasons Why You Should Study A Modern Language Degree In London

We really did try to think of 10 reasons, but honestly, it was hard enough narrowing it down to 11! There are tons of reasons why studying a modern language degree in London will be the best time of your life. Prepare to be amazed, excited and ready to get that UCAS application sorted so you can jet off to London come September!!!

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1. Firstly, we might have to tell you about the amazing job opportunities in London. It's pretty important I guess.

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Okay- London is the capital of the United Kingdom. The job listings and opportunities are endless. With a language degree under your belt, any type of job is available. Teacher, interpreter, translator and working in international institutions and foreign ministries!

2. Similar to the job opportunities, the sheer number of work experience placements and internships available is so much more than any other city in the UK can offer!

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While a job in London after your degree is all you really want, realistically, you need to throw some work experience in there too, right? So while you're studying away at your university in London (and not taking total advantage of all the awesome freshers and student night events) how easy would it be to have work experience practically next door?

3. With your degree, you wouldn't just learn a new language. You would learn about an entire new culture too. You might even be able to experience some of it in London as well.

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Being able to impress your friends when you speak to the nurse in Spanish at the health centre in Magaluf isn't all you can gain. You can learn about the rich history, politics, music and art of a country too, and participate in some of it too, while living in London. Did you know the second largest celebration of the Chinese New Year (outside of China of course) is in London?

4. There is a HUGE amount of universities in London for you to pick the perfect modern languages degree

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UEL, UCL, Imperial College London, Kings College London, University of Westminster and so on!

5. Many of our universities in London offer study abroad opportunities!

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The University of Westminster, for example, offers the chance to study abroad for a semester. It can often work out too expensive to complete your degree abroad, considering within the UK, students are offered loans, scholarships and grants. If you do want the opportunity to experience the culture of your chosen degree, there are many scholarships to help with studying abroad for a semester. Check out the help that Erasmus+ gives you right here!

6. All that studying that you freshers are bound to be doing can get tiring. What better place to take a break than one of the many, gorgeous parks littered throughout London.

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London is a capital city, but you don't have to travel far to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. There are so many beautiful open spaces in London, our personal favourite is St. James's Park as seen above.

Or if you're missing a bit of the country while living in London, we have a number of city farms throughout the city. And yes, you can pet the animals.

7. Perhaps the most important fact... hundreds of bars, clubs and pubs!

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London is big... and once you master the tube system (it's not that hard, I promise) hopping around from pub to bar to club each weekend will become second nature. There are new pop up bars opening every season and if you tried, you'd probably be able to visit a new place every weekend for the entirety of your degree.

8. To go with paying visits to the many many clubs and bars, the night tube is now a thing!!

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The Victoria, Central, Jubilee and Northern line are already part of the night tube! The Piccadilly line will also become part of the night tube gang on the 16th December 2016!

9. Imagine being able to study a modern language degree in the most multicultural city in the UK

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One of the most amazing things about London is how multicultural it is. There's a new language being spoken around every corner. There are so many places to experience new cultures. From China Town, to Borough Market (full of tons of amazing food stalls from around the world), to Opera and dance at the world famous Royal Albert Hall and Royal Opera House.

10. Honestly, London is one of the best cities in the world, why would you not want to study here?

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There's never a dull moment in London. There is ALWAYS something going on to keep you busy (when you're not busy studying of course). We'll list some of our favourites, but this is only very few of what goes on in London.

- Notting Hill Carnival

- Wimbledon

- Chelsea Flower Show

- The Proms

- London Fashion Week

- London Film Festival

- Trooping the Colour

- Bonfire Night

- New Years Eve Fireworks

and our favourite


11. Lastly, your friends will always want to come visit!

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If you're worried about getting homesick, don't worry! You'll be living in the most exciting city in the UK, of course your friends and even your family will always want to visit. With so much going on all year round, you're bound to have a mate wanting to come and visit every weekend!

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