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Just 57 Hilarious Australian Politics Vines

R.I.P. Vine. Thanks for all the memories.

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1. Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie accidentally dropping the c-bomb on live TV.

2. This Aussie legend yelling, "You're all a bunch of wankers" at then prime minister Tony Abbott.

3. Bill Heffernan's "Fuck, that's risky shit" moment.

4. This totally-not-edited version of Julie Bishop's infamous death stare.

5. And her love of emojis come to life.

6. Who could forget Abbott munching into an onion, skin and all?

7. And then doubling down and munching on a spring onion a few months later.

8. That time Peter Dutton and Abbott were caught joking about climate change, before Scott Morrison pointed out the boom mic overhead.

9. And the incredible laughs they had about the gaffe during the ministerial swearing in.

10. Glenn Lazarus threatening to use "the Hopoate tactics" (that means sticking your finger in someone's bum) over coal seam gas mining.

11. This remix of Barnaby Joyce screaming "CAAAARP" in the House of Representatives.

12. This perfect #LibSpill vine. Bye Tony.

13. Bill Shorten's #zinger about Bronwyn Bishop's inglorious downfall, caused by a chopper ride.

14. And Clive Palmer's eccentric farewell to Bishop.

15. Penny Wong's facial expressions as she debates Cory Bernardi on marriage equality.

16. Doug Cameron putting Monty Python's famous words "I fart in your general direction" into Hansard.

17. Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson calling George Brandis "full of shit".

18. The vine that brought us the Shorten shuffle.

19. Flag enthusiast Malcolm.

20. Tony Abbott "grooming" Scott Morrison at this press conference.

21. Cory Bernardi roundly failing to say "homophobe mode".

22. Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison walking to the car... to the Friends theme song.

23. Perhaps the greatest Australian political vine OF ALL TIME: Bill Shorten asking a voter "What's your favourite type of lettuce?"

24. And his subsequent refusal to pick out his own favourite type.

25. This Scott Ludlam fan vine.

26. When Sam Dastyari decided to recite the lyrics of Taylor Swift's Blank Space.

27. Shorten saying to Cory Bernardi: "At least I'm not a homophobe, mate".

28. Tony Abbott standing by himself on a pier during the election campaign.

29. Tanya Plibersek getting totally snubbed by the Governer General.

30. This comparison between the Greens election night party and Labor's.

31. This ICE COLD vine of Penny Wong and Joe Hockey crossing paths.

32. Kim being all of us when she couldn't name the current prime minister.

33. Malcolm Turnbull getting invited to the White House and not quite being able to believe his luck.

34. When Tony Abbott made a joke about "wet dreams"...

35. And only one person laughed.

36. Senators giggling like teenagers when someone asked an expert how to get semen out of a bee.

37. And the laughter didn't stop when they found out the answer.

38. This vine of ~agile~ former assistant minister for innovation Wyatt Roy riding a hoverboard in parliament... and it didn't explode.

39. John Madigan changing our lives forever by describing submarines as the "spaceships of the ocean" šŸš€šŸŒŠ.

40. When the Senate debated whether they should use the word "bums" or "bottoms".

41. And Qld senator James McGrath declared that "he prefers bottoms".

42. The most Tony Abbott vine of all time ā€“ karaoke in a colsi (collared singlet).

43. Pin this vine of Jenny Macklin asking who the prime minister is. Given Australia's track record you'll probably need it again soon.

44. A very 2015 vine ā€“ The Killing Season, "Hotline Bling" and jokes about the iPhone 6s.

45. Pauline Hanson talking about Australia being "swamped" in 1996 v 2016.

46. LNP politician Michelle Landry talking about "young people off their face on pot".

47. That time Christopher Pyne told David Speers "Iā€™m a fixer".

48. Barnaby Joyce's reaction to Johnny Depp saying he looks "inbred with a tomato".

49. Malcolm Turnbull ripping his election slogan from Veep.

50. Then doubling down and quoting Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

51. Scott Morrison's testy pop in question time.

52. This memorable vine of Philip Ruddock discovering snapchat.

53. This vine of Bruce Bilson SEAMLESSLY weaving the roar of a plane into his press conference about small business.

54. Stephen Conroy mocking Greens leader Richard di Natale's GQ photoshoot...

55. And his choice not to wear socks.

56. When Greg Combet said what everyone was thinking: "Fuck this".

57. Thanks for all the memories, Vine, you will be sorely missed.

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