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11 Dads Who’ve Figured Out This Whole Dad Thing

"Hi hungry, I'm Dad."

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1. This father-to-be who's mastered the dad joke before his first child is born:

2. This dad who knows how to balance work and family time:

Instagram: @bkthomas

3. And this dad who's teaching all the important funny faces:

4. This father who's just rolling with it:

#FathersDay The kids have made me breakfast.

5. This dad who's really exploring the whole "dad selfie" space:

Instagram: @joebor1

6. This dad who plays the best bedtime games:

7. And this father who's learned "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em":

8. This father who knows you've got to start them young:


9. And this dad who understands the importance of getting on their level:

Dan Harrelson / Flickr: dharrels / Via Flickr: dharrels

10. This father with a sixth sense for child safety:

11. This dad who really elevates the "family faceswap" to an art form:

Instagram: @joebor1

12. And finally, this father who knows the family that snaps together stays together:

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