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Sound Healing

So I've been researching alternative methods of healing because I'm not going to pharmaceutical drugs as my first option. In my opinion, they should be the last resort. In no way am I minimizing people's personal struggles and challenges. I'm saying, we can heal and be helped without these artificial, man-made substances in our body. This is where addiction starts. Anyway, I've always believed in frequencies of energy. But I've discovered all these videos on YouTube that are hours and hours of meditative music and they use certain vibrations and wave lengths to target the healing of specific chakras. There's ones to attract more love in your life, ones to deteriorate internal discrepancies, reduce stress, and whatever goal for healing you have. Check it out! I included one in this post. There's one for sleeping that are around 8-9 hours long. I've been using them for a few weeks now and combined with other healing habits I have, I really think it's supporting my growth. You guys can call it a placebo effect, but when has it ever hurt to try to improve your wellbeing?

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Root Chakra Healing

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The root chakra is located at the base of our spine. It rules stability, security, and basic survival. This is where our foundation lies.

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