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What's Something You Buy In Bulk That Everyone Else Should Too?

Give us your best tips!

Even though we know it can save us money and time in the long run to buy certain things in bulk, most of us just get them in small quantities and scramble to re-stock after we've already run out.


So we want you to tell us what you always buy in bulk and think everyone else should too, whether it's to save money or to just make sure you never run out of essentials.


Maybe you keep losing elastic hair ties, so you buy them in a pack of 100.


Or maybe you stock up on your favourite pen so you can keep one in every bag.


You and your family (or flatmates) might go through a thousand teabags in a month.


Or do you buy the 24-pack of dish sponges so you actually remember to swap them out regularly?


Tell us about your favourite bulk purchases in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!