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    16 Things You Can Buy To Upgrade Your Flat's Lighting Situation

    *Rihanna voice* Shine bright like a diamond.

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    Unless you're a vampire or a cave troll (hey, no judgement) you probably don't want your room or flat to be dark all the time. Thankfully, these products offer handy solutions for homes that just doesn't get enough light.

    1. Make the most of your ceiling lights with a high-gloss pendant shade.

    2. A metallic statement frame won't mute your bulbs' shine.

    3. An illuminated vanity mirror is a game-changer, especially in low-light conditions.

    4. These zebra roller blinds let in light while maintaining your privacy.

    5. Wall-hanging mirrors reflect light and add dimension to any room.

    6. This hexagon-shaped mirror is another great light-enhancing decor option.

    7. A mirrored side table provides yet another light-reflective surface.

    8. Or make your own glossy, white marbled surfaces with this self-adhesive vinyl contact paper.

    9. This best-selling uplighter lamp gives you options for ambience.

    10. While you're at it, upgrade to some frosted LED bulbs.

    11. A good desk lamp is key for preventing eye strain.

    12. This light therapy lamp can make a real difference for Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers.

    13. Get some under-cabinet light strips to illuminate your kitchen.

    14. This alarm clock will make you feel like you're waking up to the sunrise, no matter what time it is.

    15. Get crafty with these versatile fairy lights to bring a personal touch to your room lighting.

    16. A stick-on motion sensor light is handy for the inside of your wardrobe or for night-time trips to the loo.