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    27 Products To Take Your Bakes From Amateur To Showstopper

    On your marks, get set, BAKE!

    Whether you've been baking for years or you're a total novice, these products will make you feel ready to bake in an inexplicably carpeted countryside tent in time for next year's Bake Off.

    1. A cake turntable can really improve your icing and decorating game.

    2. This aesthetically pleasing, fin-shaped, silicone bowl scraper will get every bit of batter from your bowl to your baking tin.

    3. If you're dreaming of a KitchenAid but feel it's a liiiiiiittle out of your price range, get this affordable 2-in-1 stand mixer/hand mixer combo instead.

    4. A silicone rolling mat with measurements printed right on it can help you roll out your dough or fondant to the perfect size.

    5. Make sure you look the part with this highly-rated, gender-neutral chef's apron with handy pockets. You can even buy a matching set for you and your favourite baking buddy.

    6. In case you don't already have one, this digital kitchen scale is sleek, easy to clean, and indispensable for accurately measuring ingredients.

    7. A fluted bundt pan will turn out the fancy ring cakes of your dreams.

    8. This stainless steel bench cutter is key for cleanly and evenly dividing your dough.

    9. Most home ovens don't heat consistently, so use an oven thermometer to ensure your bakes are at the right temperature every time.

    10. This 50-piece cake decorating set has everything you need to start piping like a pro and comes with its own storage case.

    11. A tiered cooling rack makes batch baking so much easier.

    12. This ice cream scoop has a secondary use: getting perfectly even scoops of biscuit dough onto your baking sheet.

    13. We've all watched the contestants blind bake their pie crusts before adding their fillings; now it's your turn with these ceramic blind baking beans.

    14. Make showstopping layer cakes with this wire cake leveller.

    15. An angled palette knife is a super simple multipurpose tool that does it all: spreading, smoothing, lifting, flipping, and more.

    16. This food colouring set has a 4.8-star rating and can really jazz up your cakes.

    17. A silicone macaron baking mat helps you make the perfect-sized macarons every time.

    18. An egg separator makes separating yolks and whites go so much faster.

    19. Use this candy thermometer to get your caramel, jam, or confectionery to the ideal temperature.

    20. Not all spatulas were created equal. This heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe spatula set has one for every job.

    21. This expandable, two-layer cake box can store and transport up to 24 cupcakes or one large cake.

    22. Beat Paul Hollywood at his own game with this bread-proving basket made of natural rattan with a removable liner.

    23. Use a silicone pastry brush to get that extra shine of egg-wash or melted butter and unlike with traditional brushes, you won't have to deal with stray bristles on your bakes.

    24. Are you ready to get hardcore? This 4.9-star rated, 84-piece fondant cutting kit includes fondant cutters of various shapes, including letters and numbers, as well as engraving tools.

    25. This nine-piece food preparation set has you sorted for measuring spoons, bowls, and a sifter, all nested together in a space-saving, colourful design.

    26. This laser-engraved wooden spoon will proclaim you Star Baker, even if it's only in your own kitchen.

    27. And if you find yourself in need of some baking inspiration, you can check out the most recent Great British Bake Off tie-in book.