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    17 Products That Are Perfect For Lounging Around The House In

    This one goes out to anyone who'd rather be in their pyjamas.

    Part of being a so-called adult is wanting to lie down about everything all the time. Here are some cosy, cute, and even sexy items you can place on and around your body when you're lying and/or lounging around the house. You're welcome!

    1. This gorgeous plush dressing gown.

    2. These fluffy memory-foam slippers.

    3. This incredibly cosy microfibre sherpa blanket.

    4. This satin pyjama playsuit that's just so pretty.

    5. This satin and lace slip.

    6. This versatile cotton jersey dressing gown.

    7. This cosy fleece pyjama set.

    8. This dreamy long-line cardigan.

    9. This hoodie dress that you can easily wear outside the house too.

    10. This subtly sexy satin robe.

    11. These classic flannel pyjama bottoms.

    12. This floral-patterned slip nightdress.

    13. These comfy slim-fit joggers.

    14. This satin robe that's all about the details.

    15. This sporty bralet that you can wear for a little extra support – or on its own as a top!

    16. These thermal slipper-socks that'll keep your toes (and ankles!) toasty.

    17. This snuggly hoodie with ears will have you fully prepared for hibernation.