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The Discussion Of Mental Health In Today's Black Music

In light of June being Black Music Month, we're taking time to highlight mental health in today's Black music.

Hip-hop is the most culture-reflecting genre of music.

Lauryn Hill performs on stage

One thing is for certain, rappers will tell the truth even at the expense of their own self. One thing included in this truth is their mental health. Black artists are often given the responsibility of speaking on behalf of the culture; the pressure of overcoming your own battles while being asked to help others is heavy. But it's a battle many artists take head-on.

Tupac raps on stage

The hurtful side of mental health from Black artists.

DMX holding a light.

Artists such as Xxxtentacion, Scarface, DMX, and more had no filters in sharing their hurt through their music, discussing trauma, anger, suicidal battles, addictions, and more. Generational and societal oppression is a battle that many fight through, where environment and circumstances directly affect your internal being and worldly perspectives.

Xxxtentacion performing live.

The first step in healing is addressing the issue and having the courage to do this in your music is what makes this topic significant. Not only is this therapy for the artists, but also a form of therapy for listeners who now may have a piece of art to resonate with their own struggles. Music can help save lives.

Nas raps on stage

The uplifting spirit and hope.

J. Cole performing live.

"Kendrick made you think about it, but he is not your savior. Cole made you feel empowered, but he is not your savior." Kendrick Lamar, "Savior"

Kendrick performs on stage

The likes of Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, KRS-One, Nas, and more have made the majority of their discography based on speaking to your mind, heart, and spirit. This music gets introspective into the internal battles and mindsets amongst the Black community, offering hope and new ways to cope.

Juice Wrld performing live.

Many Black artists openly discuss the benefits of therapy, healing, love, and more. Being that Black music dictates the culture, you can now see the influx of therapy is now widely accepted and encouraged in our community. Conscious rap being extremely successful commercially is evidence of people desiring music that can enlighten and encourage.

EarthGang memeber Johnny Venus dances

Finding middle ground.

Young Thug raps on stage

Rappers like Lecrae, offer positive messages of faith and belief as a means of healing. Music from the likes of Drake, Travis Scott, and others can also be therapeutic to fans who simply want music to entertain and help them escape reality. So there is a lane for everyone.

Lecrae holding a mic.

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