Three Years After Nipsey Hussle's Death, Lauren London Opens Up About Her Reality

    In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Lauren London spoke about healing, therapy, and dealing with the death of Nipsey Hussle.

    Angie Martinez's IRL Podcast recently featured Lauren London who dropped gems on her internal healing journey.

    Lauren London at the Grammys

    "Being at the front row of a funeral will change your entire perspective," said Lauren as she opened up about how she thought she had done lots of internal work with reading and learning, however experiencing loss took her to another realm of hurt and healing. She discussed "death etiquette" and how more than anything, just being present with someone dealing with a death is most important. "It's not your job to fix this; it can't be fixed." She talked about how some days she needs sensitivity and she appreciates genuine love, but at times she doesn't enjoy the awkward feeling of pity.

    Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle

    "He loved for people to be at a high level." —Lauren London on Nipsey Hussle.

    Nipsey Hussle at an awards show

    "All I want to do is Whatever God has for me to do in the most real way; I do not want to miss my mark," she continued.

    Lauren at the BET Awards

    "I want to have a warm place in everyone's heart," London explains.

    Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle

    "I don't know how I stood on my two feet; I don't even remember it," she admits.

    Nipsey Hussle Funeral

    "I loved him with every inch of my soul."

    Rapper Nipsey Hussle attends a basketball game b

    Lauren is on a journey.

    Lauren London at the Grammy's.

    Check out the full interview below, and let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

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