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Which Squad Member Are You?

Laken, Tiggs, Aaron, or Julia?

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  1. How drunk are you planning on getting this weekend?

    Blackout. Every time.
    Not very - I feel anxious when I go out, because I have so much other work to do.
    Drunk enough to the point that you'll have a good story to tell tomorrow.
    Drunk enough to have fun, but you'll just go home to your significant other at the end of the night.
  2. What are you planning on doing this summer?

    Going abroad
    Working on Capitol Hill
    Making money by working at a local country club
    Working in finance
  3. What's your favorite extracurricular activity?

    Your greek organization
    Your business fraternity
    A political blog that you write for
    Your international relations club
  4. Where will we find you on Friday night?

    Chi Phi
    Either a date night or your friend's mixer
    The soccer annex
  5. What's your favorite place to eat lunch?

    Bethe Dining Hall
  6. What is your relationship status?

    Happily in a relationship
    Consistently hooking up with the same person
    Sleeping around
    Just trying to play the game
  7. How involved are you in your greek organization?

    You are a great role model for other members - you're on exec and enjoy going to national conferences.
    You have a position in your house and really enjoy being part of the organization that you're in.
    You're really only in to the social aspect. You love to party and hang out with other members.
    Sometimes you go to chapter. Sometimes you go to mixers. But for the most part, you only hang out with a few members of your organization.
  8. How do you feel about your major?

    You are really passionate about all aspects of your major, even the classes most people dislike.
    You enjoy your major, but you really dislike certain classes.
    You recognize the shortcomings of your major, but have found a few classes you really like.
    You should've picked another major, but it's too late to switch out. Maybe you'll like your minor.
  9. What can you be found drinking on any given night?

    Jack and Coke
  10. Which quote sounds the most like something you would say?

    Don't do it - I've seen this movie before.
    Honestly, I could give a fuck.
    I'm just pretty wrapped up in myself.
    Do all the readings two days before the test. It sounds like a stupid quote, but it works if you cheat also.
  11. What music are you most likely to listen to?

    Chill stoner music
    Kanye West and Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
    Drake and The Chainsmokers
    Anything EDM
  12. What is your favorite type of food?

    What's a fruit? What's a vegetable? Pop-Tarts are a great breakfast.
    Anything gluten free
  13. Where are you from?

    Long Island
    New York City
    Upstate New York
    Outside of New York State
  14. Where is your favorite place to study?

    Uris Cocktail Lounge
    Olin Library
    Becker Study Room
  15. What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

    Hiking and getting bubble tea
    Getting brunch and exploring the commons
    Sleeping until 2pm then getting Souv for lunch
    Paintballing with the other members of your greek organization
  16. What's your CTB order?

    Cali Sunrise
    Pizza Bagel
    Tuna Melt
    Sandwich with Roast Beef

Which Squad Member Are You?

You got: Aaron

You're the level headed one of the group. You keep the peace and try to stay away from everyone else's antics.

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You got: Tiggs

You're the craziest out of your friend group, but you're also the most caring and loyal. You'd do anything for your friends, and everyone loves you.

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You got: Julia

You love your friends and you love to have fun, and the best thing is when you can have both at the same time! You're also great at managing your time - you have a great balance between work and play.

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You got: Laken

While your priority is having fun, you're surprisingly also one of the more responsible members of your group of friends. You care about your friends a lot, and you're always willing to look out for them no matter the situation.

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