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    I Started Using A Cast Iron Skillet And Wow, It's Changed My Life

    Rapunzel may have used her skillet for self-defense, but I use mine for some awesome cooking.

    My name is Laken, and I love kitchen accessories. Yeah, I'm the type of sucker who bought an air fryer when they first came on QVC.

    Like Ariel, I've had gadgets and gizmos aplenty...until I moved from North Carolina to Poland. Sadly, I couldn't fit a food dehydrator or a bread machine into my suitcase.

    I was lamenting my empty new shelves and counters when one of my new neighbors — a kind little old lady — brought me a cast iron skillet as a house-warming gift.

    When I moved back to the United States, you'd best believe I shoved that skillet in my carry-on. Here are ten ways that cast iron skillets have changed my cooking game.

    1. They're practically indestructible.

    2. They're cheap.

    3. I can make a cookie cake in the evening...

    4. And a steak the next day, with the same pan!

    5. I can whip up one-pan dinners.

    6. The seasoning on the pan just gets better over time.

    7. I can make crispy sandwiches, no panini press needed.

    8. It's an all-purpose workhorse.

    9. I don't worry about scratching up nonstick pans.

    10. And finally, I can breathe new life into an old pan. And an old pan can bring new inspiration into my kitchen.

    What do you like to cook in your skillet? Do you have any cast iron hacks? Share your recipes and ideas in the comment section below.