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    A Definitive Ranking Of All The Instruments Dolly Parton Can Play

    From the harmonica to the autoharp, I've ranked Dolly Parton's instruments to find out which are the best of the best.

    My name's Laken, and it's no secret that I love Dolly Parton. I grew up near Dolly's hometown in Tennessee, and I went to Dolly's amusement park Dollywood more times than I can count. I also listened to "Jolene" for inspiration as I plucked out G chords when I tried (and failed) to learn how to play the guitar.

    Dolly's a legend, and you may have heard her strumming away on a guitar that's (almost) as bedazzled as her boots.

    But Dolly's no one-trick pony. The singer/songwriter/icon can also play upward of eight instruments! I don't know about you, but that's a LOT more than I play. Like, eight instruments more than I play.

    Even though Dolly's the top-of-the-top of the country music industry, can each of these instruments measure up? I think not. Let's be honest, some instruments are better than others.

    So you heard it here first, folks. Here are the ratings for the best instruments that Dolly Parton can play. Each instrument has been carefully considered and evaluated according to the strict criteria own completely musically untrained opinions. But hey, I'm confident that I'll convince you.

    8. Harmonica

    Dolly Parton plays a harmonica during a concert. She wears a bedazzled white outfit and has bright painted pink nails.

    7. Guitar

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    I may have failed at the guitar, but lots of other people haven't. Unfortunately, the public must now suffer the consequences. How many times must we hear some random dude warbling "Wonderwall" in the bar when we're just trying to get a drink in peace?

    6. Piano

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    A piano must be kinda great if "grand" is literally in the name. It's big. It's pretty. People can sometimes sit on top of it. I'm impressed, but lots of performers can play piano. I think we need some more novel instruments on our list.

    5. Saxophone

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    With the harmonica and guitar, you might get away with knowing a couple of chords or notes and playing or strumming them over and over again. Take the infamous "three-chord songs" that guitar students learn. But no matter your confidence, a saxophone takes talent.

    4. Violin

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    A violin evokes a certain melancholy that I need to get started every Monday morning. Yeah, violins have been around for a long time. But some folks play electric violins to bring this classic instrument into the 21st Century. It can be hard to change, and I respect that adaptability.

    3. Autoharp

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    I had to Google the autoharp, so I have to give it some extra points. But look at it! It kinda looks like the child of a harp, a guitar, and a piano.

    2. Dulcimer

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    A dulcimer is a classy instrument. And it has strings, but you don't pluck them with your fingers! The dulcimer aims to surprise.

    1. And the banjo

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    Ah, the top of the top. The best of the best: the banjo! Think about it. Movies and cartoons show hillbillies strumming away on a banjo, but one of the most common ways to play the banjo is called the "clawhammer" method. Who knew country music was so metal?

    Wait, do acrylic nails count as a musical instrument? Take the backseat, banjos. Dolly taps out tunes on her fingernails. Maybe Dolly's manicure will have to top the instrument list.

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    Do you play any of these instruments? Comment about your favorites down below!