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    The Ultimate Harry Potter Halloween Party

    Never received your letter from Hogwarts, but always wanted to go to the wizarding world? Here’s the ultimate guide to host the best Harry Potter party and at no other day than Halloween itself!

    1. The invitation letter

    2. Get sorted!

    3. Spot different house members easily

    4. The essentials for all guests

    5. Somewhere to hang...

    6. A wizard's best friend

    7. Enemies of the heir - beware!

    8. Stay alert - prisoners have escaped!

    9. Halloween Feast in the Great Hall

    The best Butterbeer from Hogsmeade

    Weasleys skiving snackboxes

    Polyjuice potion punch

    Professor Sprout's Veggie Garden

    Pumpkin pasties for the hungry werewolfs

    Catch (and eat) the golden snitch

    10. Visiting Moaning Myrtle

    11. Get in the mood!

    12. De-gnome the garden

    13. Take your O.W.L's here!

    14. Quidditch Pong

    15. Late night activities with Harry Shotters

    16. The House points system

    17. Good luck!