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10 Of The Cheapest Alcoholic Drinks

Booze, Sauce hard stuff. Yes we are talking about alcohol and more specifically where to find the cheapest, strongest and best quality for your buck.

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3. Smirnoff Vodka - Argentina


OK so this one is strange in Argentina it costs just under $5 where as in Iceland it will set you back a staggering $45. I know where ill get mine from.

8. Black Booster whisky - Unknown origin


Now i don't know whether this one is real or not but it costs $3 for 5L. If you drink this i can't guarantee you will be able to see, but i can say you will get hammered.

9. Bumble tooth gin - Belgium


Although for the most part the alcohol there is quite expensive there is an exception. For only $4 you can get a whole 1L of gin. Good stuff

10. Bia Hoi La Rue beer, Vietnam


The best for last. This beer will only set you back 15 cents and is a really good beer. They sell it in the UK for £3 ( $4.50). Come on man, WTF.

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