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10 Mysteries Of The London Underground

Ahh the tube, Lets explore what secrets this oh so special place has to offer.

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1. Ghosts


There have been lots of high profile ghost sightings and encounters here, with Farringdon and Liverpool street being the most haunted. Anne Naylor was murdered in 1758 and is said to haunt Farringdon Station people have reported screams and strange noises.

2. Plague pit

Liverpool street is the final resting place for some of London's Black death victims, with a burial site being uncovered recently. With most of London's population having died from plague, who knows how many bodies you're passing on your commute to work.

6. Lost and found


Nearly 300,000 items including a prosthetic leg, a drum kit, an envelope full of cash and even a Cadbury cream egg have been handed into the trusty people at TFL. ( to be honest i would have eaten the egg)

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