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10 Buildings That Have Secret Uses

Buildings are all around us but do we really know what goes on behind closed doors. Well your about to find out.

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3. Chancery Lane Deep Level Shelter, London


This unassuming building was created as air raid shelters but is now "disused". But with signs stating footage from CCTV will be used "for the purposes of national security" something tells me there is more to this than first meets the eye.

5. Skull and bones tomb, Connecticut

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Not much is known about the scull and bones tomb or what goes on within its walls. But it was started in 1832 and remains one of the most feared secret societies in the world.

6. Drum Castle, Scotland

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is over 700 years old and it has only just been made public that there are secret tunnels that were built in the 17th century. No one knows what for but it has been speculated that these tunnels are still in use.



The whole of Disney world is built on top of a complex of tunnels hidden rooms and secret passageways which cover double the distance of the actual park itself.

10. Number one Times Square


The Empty Building In The Middle Of time square is the best earner in the area with the building being worth $495 million, and each billboard earns $2.4 million annually.

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