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11 Things That Seriously Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

Drinking milk always sounds like it'll be good...until it isn't. Next time, try LACTAID®, the milk that doesn't mess with you.

1. Driving cross-country to start a new life with your brand-new S.O.

2. Painting your nails with glitter 15 minutes before you have to leave the house.

3. Going grocery shopping at the fancy store when you’re starving.

4. Getting a spray tan the day before a big presentation.

5. Wearing super-high heels to a dance party.

6. Staying up all night to prep for a career-making client meeting.

7. Eating gas station sushi for lunch.

8. Texting your ex after a night out.

9. Signing a two-year lease with a new friend.

10. Starting a hardcover book collection.

11. Getting into a political argument on social media.

THIS WAS NEVER GONNA END WELL, and when you’re dairy-sensitive, drinking milk won’t either. Next time, stick with LACTAID®, the milk that doesn't mess with you.