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    19 Magical Gifts For People Who Love "Harry Potter"

    Gifts that will stay awesome after all this time.

    1. This teacup complete with the Grim in the bottom:

    2. This clever coffee mug:

    3. This Maurader's Map blanket:

    4. This Butterbeer candle:

    5. A custom engraved cutting board:

    6. This Hogwarts shirt:

    7. This sign to hang your keys on:

    8. This Hogwarts tour poster:

    9. These pencils with spells on them:

    10. This Platform 9 3/4 lightswitch:

    11. This Deathly Hallows lamp:

    12. These house crest ornaments:

    13. These house color hair ties:

    14. This dainty ring:

    15. This "Free Dobby" sign for your laundry room:

    16. This metal bookmark:

    17. This sorting hat bath bomb:

    18. This super-sweet Honeydukes candle:

    19. This faux book laptop case: